April 29 Application Deadline explained

Posted on the 21st February 2020

You’ve probably seen our Priority Application Deadline of April 29th, 2020. We thought we’d give you the break down on why it’s important to submit your application before this date.

  1. Limited availability means the early bird gets the worm.

    While we do have a very wide and diverse range of opportunities all around the world and many placements to offer, many of these are limited in the number of volunteers they can take at any given time. This means they can reach capacity quickly. Some programs are highly popular, so applying early allows you to be first in, best dressed. You’re more likely to get your first choice when you apply early.

  2. Set those wheels in motion.

    Applying early means you can truly set your intention for the coming year and set the wheels in motion for your time away. Submitting your application means you’ve officially started the process. It won’t be this thing you are simply thinking of doing, but rather this thing that you are actually doing. You can notify your friends and family, you can get them on board to help you with fundraising (you might make them a bit green with envy in the process and that never hurts), and you can start to really see how the year will shape up.

    Important to note is that applying early also allows you to make plans for how and where post-secondary study may fit in your plan. For example, if you plan on deferring your first year at uni, or you have specific coursework that needs to fit in with your volunteer experience, knowing what your plans are with Lattitude allows you to make those other plans too.

  3. Planning a trip is FUN! But it takes a bit of work.

    Once you know you’re on your way, you can actually start planning for it! Preparing to go overseas for a while does indeed take a bit of preparation. It isn’t just packing a bag and hopping on a plane – there are other things to consider such as visas, insurance, finances, medical checkups and a fair bit more. No need to worry though! You will be paired up with a Lattitude Coordinator who will help you with those preparations. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can meet your Coordinator and get started on these important details. And the more relaxed the process will be.

  4. Applying is simple!

    Applying is done through an online application. This process is completed by paying an application fee online. The form is simple and shouldn’t take a lot of time to complete. The purpose of it is to allow us to get to know you, what you hope to get from this experience, and what programme(s) are of most interest to you. But you need not stress and you don’t even need to know 100% what your first choice or second choice is in order to apply. You can explore your options during your interview with Lattitude and we can help you narrow it down to find the experience that will suit you the best. All applicants are guaranteed an interview.

  5. You don’t have to pay for it all at once.

    It’s also important to note that while there is an application fee, no further programme fees are due until after the interview process is complete and you’ve been sent your official offer pack. You will have plenty of opportunity to speak with our team, both with your Volunteer Coordinator and with the Country Manager that oversees your chosen destination, to make sure you have all the information you need and feel comfortable with your big decision! It’s only then that we ask you to make a further financial commitment; you’ll be asked to pay a $1000 deposit to secure your position, and the balance of your Lattitude fees are not due until 60 days before departure. Applying early means you have plenty of time to save!

As you can see, it’s really important to apply before our Priority Application Deadline of April 29th. You can submit your application after this date, but please be aware that it will be subject to availability. We’d hate you to miss out on the year-of-a-lifetime!

Please be in touch with our team with your questions! We’re always happy to chat by email or by phone at 06 350 5920 so you can learn more about our opportunities and decide which one is right for you!

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