Benefits of Volunteering Overseas for Your Gap Year

Posted on the 4th December 2017

The benefits of volunteering overseas are many and long terms. Volunteer gap years have increased as people are now recognising how rewarding they can be.

1. Make Your University Application Shine

Universities don’t just want to see someone with just perfect grades, they want more. Volunteering looks amazing on university applications as admission tutors want to see that you’ve done more than just get good grades. One of the benefits of volunteering overseas: it can make your university application. Benefits of volunteering overseas

2.  Make Friends and Unforgettable Memories

Volunteering overseas means meeting all kinds of different people. By sharing amazing experiences with others you’ll be sure to make friends for life. You might even meet someone who changes your life totally for the better, who knows?!

Benefits of volunteering overseas

3. Travel

Another great benefit of volunteering abroad is that you’ll discover new countries and cultures and who doesn’t want to do that? You’ll see some amazing sites and cities that you won’t ever be able to forget. It’s a perfect chance to travel. You’ll also learn some of the countries language and get a real insight into another culture and way of living, sounds pretty awesome to me.

Benefits of volunteering overseas

4. Take a Break

Most people take a gap year after they’ve finished school/college or university. Taking a gap year to volunteer will give you a break from education and all your life’s stresses.  You can take a step back and really think about where you want to go in life. You’ll return back fresh, confident and full of life, like a whole new person! Benefits of volunteering overseas

5. Gain Confidence and People Skills

Volunteering abroad means you will come into contact with many people which improve your socialising skills tremendously. If you’re a shy person it will definitely help you to break out of your shell. Having people skills will help you throughout all of life as it’s an important skill to have.

Benefits of volunteering overseas

6. Great Sense of Achievement

Completing a volunteering placement abroad means that maybe you will be working with children or adults who are less fortunate than you. You can help them in many ways such as maybe teaching English or doing some fun sport activities with them. You can return back home with a great sense of achievement and knowing that you’ve helped and changed others’ lives and that you’ve put a smile on their face. Hopefully you’ll return back with a smile on your own face too! Benefits of volunteering overseas

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