Argentina Gap Year – Vitoria in San Luis

Argentina Gap Year – Vitoria in San Luis A volunteer interview with Vitoria Monteiro about her Argentina gap year placement in San Luis, Argentina. What made you want to take an Argentina gap year in...

Posted 06 Aug 2018

Argentina Gap Year

Gap Year UK – “A new kind of independence”

A volunteer interview with Hailey Wahlberg on her trip to North Devon, England. What drew you to volunteer in the first place? I wanted to do something different from my peers – many were getting...

Posted 24 Jul 2018

uk gap year

Gap Year in Poland – George’s tale

Gap Year in Poland! What made you take a gap year in the first place? I decided to take a gap year because in year 13 I was unsure exactly what I wanted to study...

Posted 19 Jul 2018

Volunteer in Argentina! 10 things to discover on your gap year

Volunteer in Argentina on your Gap Year! Argentina is a spectacular place filled with beautiful natural wonders and rich culture. There are many exciting experiences awaiting volunteers in this stunning Latin country! Here are our...

Posted 03 Jul 2018

Volunteer in Argentina

The benefits of taking a gap year

Lattitude working to change the culture around gap years North America Lattitude Director Cam Sylvester discusses gap years with Stephen Quinn on CBC. You can listen to the interview here. The end of the school...

Posted 20 Jun 2018

Gap Year UK Orientation

Stella & Carlos – Lobos, Argentina

Gap Year Argentina: Stella & Carlos in Lobos. Why Argentina? Stella: After travelling to South America in 2015 I found a place that I loved, a place that I knew I would someday return to. It...

Posted 13 Jun 2018

Gap Year in gorgeous Spain

If you’re not sure what you want to do when you leave school, a GAP YEAR – taking time out to explore possibilities and try new things – is a good option. “My gap year...

Posted 18 May 2018

Gap year in Spain

Volunteer in Ecuador – Anita in Cuenca

Gap Year in Cuenca, Ecuador Ecuador was my first, and only choice, none of my friends had heard of it, and I enjoyed the blank looks when I explained my gap year plans. For me,...

Posted 24 Apr 2018