Volunteer in Greece – Stepping Stones Animal Foster Home

Superstar Lattitude volunteer Georgia volunteered first in the UK as an Outdoor Camp Assistant, and followed that up by joining our Greece Action Project. Why did you volunteer in Greece? I decided to volunteer in...

Posted 20 Dec 2019

volunteer in greece 003

English Language Coach in Poland

Alex was an English “Language Coach” in Poland on her Lattitude gap year. Why volunteer overseas? I heard about Lattitude when they came to my high school careers expo. It wasn’t until a few years...

Posted 18 Dec 2019

Language coach in Poland - 001

Volunteer in Poland on YOUR Gap Year!

Jessamine was a Lattitude volunteer in Poland, and assisted in a school as an English “Language Coach”. What made you want to volunteer in Poland? In 2015, a Lattitude volunteer came to my high school...

Posted 18 Dec 2019

volunteer in poland - jessamine 001

Volunteer in Japan as a Community Volunteer

Eleanor was a Lattitude volunteer in Japan, working as a “Community Volunteer” and helping people with disabilities in the wonderful Hanshin Cheshire Home. What made you want to volunteer in Japan? I decided to volunteer...

Posted 18 Dec 2019

Volunteer in Japan - Eleanor 001

Explore Europe on your Lattitude Gap Year!

Madeleine set out to explore Europe on Lattitude’s popular ‘Project Europe’ programme. Project Europe is unique among Lattitude programmes, as instead of immersion in a single country, you can take part in several projects across...

Posted 16 Dec 2019

Project Europe Lattitude

Caroline, Outdoor Camp Assistant in the UK

We love it when our returned volunteers share their experiences with us! We interviewed Caroline about her amazing experience in the UK as an Outdoor Camp Assistant. Thank you so much, Caroline! Please tell us...

Posted 29 Oct 2019

outdoor camp assistant - caroline 001

Teaching experience in Ghana

Having gained valuable teaching experience in Ghana with Lattitude, Georgia is back from a trip-of-a-lifetime, and is about to join the workforce as a teacher in New Zealand. Her placement taught her a lot about...

Posted 05 Sep 2019

teaching experience in Ghana

Volunteer in Ghana – Jonty in Cape Coast

Kiwi “gapper” Jonty was a volunteer in Ghana with Lattitude, based in the beautiful coastal city of Cape Coast. Placed in the Football for Hope centre, he was able to immerse himself in this incredible...

Posted 30 Aug 2019

volunteer in ghana - sports

Volunteer Medical Assistant Sanaa in gorgeous Ghana

Sanaa was a volunteer medical assistant in gorgeous Ghana. Her placement gave her the opportunity to learn new skills and immerse herself successfully into a culture wonderfully different from home. Why Ghana? I chose Ghana...

Posted 26 Aug 2019

Volunteer medical assistant