Spain Gap Year: “Best decision of my life”

A big thank you to Rosie for sharing her experience of her gap year in Spain – sadly cut short, but not forgotten! Although very different from what I expected, when I reflect on the...

Posted 23 Apr 2020

Spain Gap Year - Rosie and Lattitude volunteers

Lattitude Covid-19 Update – 8 April

8 April 2020 Update The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has required all of us to adapt and rethink how we conduct business. Heading overseas on a gap year has become a rite of passage for many...

Posted 08 Apr 2020

Ladder of Support

With Lattitude, You are Never Alone – The Lattitude Ladder of Support Challenge comes in many forms and there is one thing that is for sure, you will encounter some over the course of your...

Posted 03 Apr 2020

Ladder of support

Self-isolation tips for Lattitude volunteers

Dear valued Lattitude volunteers. Our staff have been working around the clock to ensure your safety and well-being. Due to COVID-19, it’s likely that those of you that have returned home are now under government...

Posted 23 Mar 2020

Lattitude COVID-19 Update

Over a short period, COVID-19 has rapidly progressed from an isolated health concern to a global pandemic, and the situation is changing by the hour. It’s an uncertain time to be sure, but Lattitude Global...

Posted 17 Mar 2020

Orientation in Warsaw, Poland

When you first arrive in your chosen country, you’ll attend an orientation programme to kick start your adventure abroad and help get you settled in. The first Poland orientation for the year just wrapped and...

Posted 02 Mar 2020

poland orientation -001

Lattitude Gap Year Australia – Orientation in Melbourne

Lattitude Gap Year Australia! Since our latest cohort just arrived in Melbourne, we’ll say: Wominjeka yearmann koondee biik Wurundjeri balluk – Welcome to the land of the Wurundjeri people. For our volunteers arriving on their...

Posted 26 Feb 2020

Lattitude Gap Year Australia

Teaching volunteer in Ghana – Finnbar shares his tale

Ex St Patrick’s College student Finnbar Gallacher travelled from Wellington to incredible Ghana with Lattitude, where he assisted students in the lovely Wanda Goodman Christian International School. He’s been kind enough to share his tale:...

Posted 25 Feb 2020

teaching volunteer in Ghana - Lattitude volunteer Finnbar

April 29 Application Deadline explained

You’ve probably seen our Priority Application Deadline of April 29th, 2020. We thought we’d give you the break down on why it’s important to submit your application before this date. Limited availability means the early...

Posted 21 Feb 2020


Volunteer in Canada – Outdoor Camp Assistant Josh

Josh was a volunteer in Canada, as an Outdoor Camp Assistant in beautiful Alberta. He’s been kind enough to share some thoughts about his gap year experience. Thanks Josh! What made you want to volunteer...

Posted 12 Feb 2020

volunteer in canada