Gap Year as a School Assistant in the UK

Daniel is a New Zealander in the UK, volunteering on his gap year as a School Assistant at a performing arts school. He agreed to answer some questions about his first few months in the...

Posted 08 Mar 2018

Gap Year Volunteer UK

Volunteering in Spain – Madeleine in Avila

Hola, my name is Madeleine and I am currently volunteering in Spain with Lattitude. These last two months have been pretty action packed and very eye opening, and although my Spanish is still coming along...

Posted 08 Mar 2018

Top 10 things to do in Ecuador

Lattitude volunteers love going to Ecuador, and that’s partly down to the fantastic community placement opportunities we have developed there, but also due to it being a very diverse and interesting country. There is SO...

Posted 01 Mar 2018

Gap Year in Ecuador

Kiwi Jolene’s Gap Year in Ghana

My Gap Year in Ghana I’ve always known I wanted to do a Gap Year, but I never wanted to just travel by myself or stay at home and work, so volunteering with Lattitude was...

Posted 20 Feb 2018

Gap Year Ghana with Lattitude

Gap year outside your comfort zone in Fiji!

Take a minute and reflect upon that moment in your life when you were the furthest out of your comfort zone. Now imagine that amplified beyond expectation! That is exactly how I felt when I...

Posted 09 Jan 2018

Gap year in Fiji

Benefits of Volunteering Overseas for Your Gap Year

The benefits of volunteering overseas are many and long terms. Volunteer gap years have increased as people are now recognising how rewarding they can be. 1. Make Your University Application Shine Universities don’t just want...

Posted 04 Dec 2017

Benefits of volunteering overseas

Use your gap year skills to become more employable!

A gap year overseas doesn’t only have a positive impact on the community you are volunteering in. It’s also a fantastic way to boost your employability! Here are four important skills you are sure to...

Posted 14 Nov 2017

Use your gap year skills to become more employable!