Volunteering overseas changes lives for the better

Our Lattitude staff love what we do, and really believe in the amazing international opportunities we offer young Kiwis. Each and every one of our staff travelled extensively when young, and between us have reached...

Posted 04 Mar 2019

volunteering overseas

Emma – English Tutor in Poland

Emma writes back to Lattitude about her time as a volunteer English Tutor in Poland. “I decided at the start of my last year of high school that I wanted to take a gap year...

Posted 01 Mar 2019

english tutor in Poland

Gap Year Ghana – Incredible Africa!

Gap Year Ghana! If adventure is what you’re after… if incredible experiences are what you crave… you can’t go past Ghana as a destination. Returned volunteer Felix has been kind enough to answer some questions...

Posted 03 Feb 2019

gap year ghana - lattitude team

Gap Year in gorgeous Spain

If you’re not sure what you want to do when you leave school, a GAP YEAR – taking time out to explore possibilities and try new things – is a good option. “My gap year...

Posted 02 Jan 2019

Gap year in Spain

Fundraising for your gap year

Consider fundraising initiatives as part of your plan to get overseas on your gap year – it can be easier and more lucrative than you think! As a not-for-profit youth development organisation, Lattitude does it’s...

Posted 27 Sep 2018

fundraising for your gap year

Volunteer in Argentina! 10 things to discover on your gap year

Volunteer in Argentina on your Gap Year! Argentina is a spectacular place filled with beautiful natural wonders and rich culture. There are many exciting experiences awaiting volunteers in this stunning Latin country! Here are our...

Posted 03 Jul 2018

Volunteer in Argentina

Top 10 things to do in Ecuador

Lattitude volunteers love going to Ecuador, and that’s partly down to the fantastic community placement opportunities we have developed there, but also due to it being a very diverse and interesting country. There is SO...

Posted 01 Mar 2018

Gap Year in Ecuador

Gap year outside your comfort zone in Fiji!

Take a minute and reflect upon that moment in your life when you were the furthest out of your comfort zone. Now imagine that amplified beyond expectation! That is exactly how I felt when I...

Posted 09 Jan 2018

Gap year in Fiji