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Volunteer Gap Year journey with Lattitude

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When you are sure that a Lattitude Global Volunteering placement is right for you, please complete the online application form. If you have any questions about the form please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you to complete it.

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For further information about your options, call us on
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Personal Interviews

Every applicant is guaranteed an interview. This is your chance to tell us a little more about yourself and the kind of volunteering experience you’re after. We use the interview process to ensure we match you to a placement that best suits your skills and experience and the specific needs of our hosts in-country. Face to face interviews are held in all major cities and some regional centres during April, May and June each year. Alternatively, if you live in a remote location or submit a late application, your interview may be conducted via Skype. If we receive your application after our allocated interview dates in your region, you may be interviewed via Skype rather than in person

You’re in!

You will be assigned a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator from our New Zealand office who will contact you within two weeks of your interview to confirm that you have been selected to join the Lattitude programme. (As a youth development charity, we endeavour to find a suitable placement for everybody, & therefore nearly all of our applicants are successful.) Your Volunteer Coordinator will be your key contact and support you throughout your Lattitude journey.

The matching process

At the conclusion of all interviews our matching process begins. To ensure we match every volunteer to the right placement, this can take a little time. You will have a secondary interview with the Country Manager of your chosen destination, usually via Skype. They will provide you with further information about the placements available in that country, ascertain whether you have a preference for urban or rural locations etc, and provide you with an opportunity to ask any additional questions.


You’ll then be offered a placement in a particular country and for a type of role. At this stage you’ll be asked to accept your offer and pay a non-refundable $1000 deposit.


Once you have accepted and confirmed your involvement, your Volunteer Coordinator will continue to provide assistance and prepare you for your placement. You will receive a briefing pack, be invited to attend a pre-departure briefing and given details for the placement you have been matched to including a role description, host contact details and email addresses of previous volunteers who can tell you exactly what it’s like volunteering in that country. The dedicated Lattitude Team at our travel agent NZ Travel Brokers will assist with your flights, travel insurance and any other travel requirements you may have.

You’re away!

Goodbyes have been said and you’re off to your country of choice. You will travel with other Lattitude volunteers whenever possible.

Volunteers will be met on arrival by a Lattitude representative and taken to their orientation venue.

The orientation session helps volunteers to settle in, meet country based staff and fellow volunteers and understand more about their new environment.

You will meet your Country Programme Manager and Host Mentor who will support you throughout your placement.

Once on placement volunteers will be provided with extensive training and support in order to perform their designated roles. Food and accommodation is provided for the duration of their stay, and in most cases a weekly allowance.

Your Volunteer Coordinator in our New Zealand office will also be able to answer any queries that may arise and remain in contact with you. And of course our 24-hour emergency phone line is available at any stage for you or your family if required.

To make the most of your experience use your initiative, challenge yourself and immerse within your new community. You will receive more in return than you could ever imagine.

Second Placement

Many of our volunteers enjoy their placements so much, they choose to either extend their stay or take a second Lattitude placement elsewhere. We are very happy to facilitate this and there is a substantial discount for volunteers who choose to pursue a second placement! These discounts are available to you for a second placement any time within 5 years of your first Lattitude trip, even if you return home and take some time in between placements.

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For further information explore our website. If you have any queries email us at: or give us a call on
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