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Outdoor Camp Assistant - Lattitude Global Volunteering

Become an Outdoor Camp Assistant, and awaken your spirit of adventure!

As a Lattitude OUTDOOR CAMP ASSISTANT, you’ll be given the opportunity to become a leader and a mentor, as you help give campers from around the world the courage to step out of their comfort zones. From rock climbing to raging rivers, from archery to abseiling, you’ll be supervising youngsters to reach new horizons. Work hard, play hard, within a tight team of international volunteers. Accredited training provided, positive attitude is key!

Lattitude has established partnerships with a wide variety of camps and outdoor education centres. As an Outdoor Camp Assistant, your outdoor skills will be put to good use, especially with your involvement in such activities as kayaking, skiing, fencing, rock climbing, horse riding, hiking, archery, mountain biking, ropes, orienteering, snorkelling or sailing.

If you don’t have much experience is outdoor activities, no problem! All we require from you is enthusiasm and a desire to try something new. Extensive training is provided during your first weeks once you arrive at camp, so no need to be an outdoor ninja just yet – we’ll get you there!

Outdoor Camp Assistant roles are available in:



Lattitude works with an amazing selection of outdoor camps to provide outdoor activity get-aways for groups of children and young adults. Lattitude Outdoor Camp Assistants support these placements in a number of ways but primarily in supporting instructors as they run their exciting outdoor activities. You’ll also be seen as a camp counselor – someone for the kids to look up to, as you provide leadership and guidance during their time aways from home.

The camps are located throughout Canada but in general they will be situated to make the most of Canada’s incredible mountains, rivers and lakes.

Needless to say these placements are perfect for volunteers that love the outdoors and fancy spending some time living and working among some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!

Outdoor Camp Assistant - Lattitude Global Volunteering

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United Kingdom

Our partnerships with Outdoor Camps in the UK provide the perfect environment to create experiences that challenge, develop and enable people – both volunteers and campers!

During your time amid stunning woodlands and lakes of the British Isles, these placements see our Outdoor Camp Assistants acting as hosts to visiting school groups, assisting with activities, running evening entertainment, helping out at meal times, playing games, singing at campfire, and generally making a huge difference to the community!

There is also a lot of work behind the scenes to keep the operations running smoothly, so you may be helping to care for beautiful woodland and grassland areas, maintaining activities, working with the team to prepare accommodation and much, much more.

We can promise you that no two days will be the same, you will be busy and have achy feet at the end of most days but you will make memories that last a lifetime, for you and the children, young people and families you work with.

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Our Outdoor Camp Assistant role involves assisting groups in activities such as high and low ropes courses, canoeing, mountain biking, bushwalking, campfire cooking, hut building and archery to name a few.

Details will vary between individual placements, but generally you will be working with groups of school children between the ages of 8-18 who will be accompanied by school teachers. As a volunteer you may also be required to assist with mealtimes and general maintenance duties. Volunteers in camps are never short of things to get involved in!

You will be welcomed into the camp as an ordinary member of staff and will participate in ongoing training which could see you gain outdoor qualifications as well as increase your knowledge and expertise of the outdoors.

These placements suit active individuals looking to spend a large portion of their time abroad experiencing the very best of the great outdoors.

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