At Lattitude we celebrate the fact that everyone is different, and that everyone has different wants and needs. Wherever possible, we try to offer as much flexibility as possible to allow you to tailor your overseas gap year to fit YOU!

Some of our destinations are of a shorter duration than others, for various reasons (mainly due to visa restrictions for particular countries). For those of you that want a true gap YEAR away, we offer a set of “combinations” that allow you to be placed in two countries back to back!

Not all countries work well in combinations, due to timing and duration, flights and visa restrictions. Here are some combinations that are worth considering:



5 Months in Ecuador
February – June
Find out more about Ecuador

and then on to:


5 Months in Argentina
August – December
Find out more about Argentina




6 Months in Poland
February – July
Find out more about Poland

and then on to:


6 Months in Spain
September – February
Find out more about Spain



6 Months in China
February – July
Find out more about China

and then on to:


5 Months in Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand
September – January
Find out more about Project Asia



We are pleased to be able to offer you combinations at a very competitive price – you will get 25% off the Lattitude fee for your second placement!

Please note that you will have to pay for onward travel between destinations, any additional travel insurance you may require, and be sure to be deemed “fit for duty” by ensuring you have all required immunisations etc for both of your chosen counties.

Please contact us directly to discuss your options further, as there are a lot of variables when planning combination placements… We are always happy to help!